Isiflo Water & Wastewater


Functional description:

Isiflo offers a new push-in coupling for water and waste water. The design of the new fitting ensures that the pipe enters the fitting easily. Everything happens in one move, without the need for tools.





Technical information:

Area of applications:

Isiflo Sprint fittings gives a tight and firm endload resistant connection with following pipes:

∙ PE40, PE50, PE80, PE100, PEL, PEH

∙ working pressure wastewater - up to 6 bar

∙ working pressure water - up to16 bar


Installation procedure :

Cut the pipe as straight as possible. Mark the installation depth on the pipe. Insert the pipe into the fitting with a slight twist. No tools required.


Available in following dimensions:

Dimensjon      RWG nr.

32x32x32         8218330

40x32x40         8218331

40x40x40         8218332

50x40x50         8218333

50x50x50         8218334

63x40x63         8218335

63x50x63         8218336

Isiflo Water & Wastewater flyer