Isiflo Tapping Saddle System


The Isiflo Tapping Saddle has a new and unique patented system for mechanical tapping on plastic pipes, the positioning/securing of the saddle is easily done by a lever-arm system and spring-loaded compensator is providing a constant sealing against the pipe. The compensator is able to follow the movement of the pipe and maintain a secure sealing during the Tapping Saddle’s lifetime.
The lever-arm system makes the Isiflo Tapping Saddle extremely quick and easy to use and install.
The Isiflo Tapping Saddle can be delivered with different Valves and Pipe Thread solutions.

The Isiflo Tapping Saddle is a mechanical saddle to be used on plastic pipes ( PE-LD, PEHD, PE50, PE80, PE100, PEX, PVC and PP) in the following dimensions: Ø160mm, Ø125mm (2008), Ø110mm, Ø90mm, Ø75mm (2009) and Ø63mm.

· The Isiflo Tapping Saddle is made out of  non-corroding materials.
· Several parts are made of Glass fibre reinforced Polyamide.
· The springs are made of Acid proof steel.
· The hinge pins are made of Titanium.
· The brass part is made from high quality DZR-Brass.
· The o-rings are made from EPDM 60 or NBR70 shore rubber.

Area of application:
· Cold water (0° til 40 °C)

Working pressure:
· Water up to 16 bar

· Internal testing according to internal standards.

· If you have any questions concerning this product or if you need further information, please contact us.