Isiflo Sprint

Isiflo Sprint is our new patented range of composite push-fittings combining the safety and strengh of a traditional mechanical fitting with the userfriendliness of a standard push-fitting.

The installation of Isiflo Sprint happens in one simple move, requires no tools and no complicated preparation of the pipe. Just cut the pipe scarely and insert, with a slight twist, into the fitting. The result is a strong, firm and long-lasting connection between the pipe and the coupling.


Isiflo Sprint flyer 2017 



Features and Benefits

The high tech composite material combined with the product’s function and design gives the coupling a great deal of benefits and unique features:

• 100% Corrosion resistant
• Lead-free
• Push-in solution that secures tight and reliable fitting without special tools
• Strong like metal especially in threads
• No material sag over time
• Installation can be carried out regardless of temperature and weather conditions
• Simple and user friendly, minimizes the possibility of incorrect assembly
• Fast to use, the installation of Isiflo Sprint happens in one simple move and provides for effective working
• Approved to be buried under ground
• Approved for freezing water ref. BRL-K 534/03
• Possible to dismantle without special tools
• Possible to dismantle and re-use
• 20 years of product warranty
• Packed in single bags with the installation procedure printed on each bag

Body:              Composit, Glass reinforced Polyamide
Clamp ring:      POM
Pushback ring: POM
O-ring:            EPDM

Area of applications
Water:  -20°C (cooling system) to 40°C

Isiflo Sprint fittings gives a tight and firm end-load resistant connection. To be used on the following pipes:

- PE, PEL, PEH (PE40, PE 50, PE 80, PE 100)
  Important Insert shall be used on thin-walled PE pipes SDR17
- PEX when using support insert
- PVC when using the ISIFLO Sprint PVC Kit

Working pressure:
· Water - up to 16 bar
· Burst pressure - pipe burst before coupling

Tests and approvals:

The following approvals are applied for:
Germany:   DIN8076
Netherlands:  KIWA BRL534
France:  ACS
Sweden:   SITAC
Denmark:  ETA
Norway:   SINTEF Byggforsk

Isiflo Sprint is approved for seawater.

Function description:
The design of the ISIFLO Sprint fitting ensures that the pipe enters the fitting easily, avoiding the need for a high push-in force.

As the pipe enters the fitting, the pushback ring moves in the opposite direction, compressing the O-ring as the clamp ring grips the pipe. This ensures a leak tight connection - even under low pressure conditions.
The same happens when you tighten the nut in an ordinary mechanical fitting. The main difference is that everything happens in one move, without the need for tools.

Installation procedure:

1. Cut the pipe as squarely as possible, checking that it is clean and free from damage.
2. Mark the installation depth on the pipe. The correct depth is indicated on each fitting.

NB! Remember to always use a support insert from ISIFLO when installing for GAS.

*Deburr the pipe/tube to a 1mm chamfer on the outside as indicated in the diagram.

3. Insert the pipe into the fitting with a slight twist. The twisting action reduces the installation force required to make the joint. No tools required.

PS: The pipe is fully inserted when the installation mark lines up with the edge of the fitting. 


On threaded fittings, grip the wrench on the highlighted area when tightening:  

Dismantling and reuse:
Open the sleeve with a proper tool, like a pipe wrench. Pull the pipe out of the fitting. Thereafter remove the grip ring, o-ring, push-back ring and sleeve from the pipe.

 The following components must be replaced if the fitting is to be reused:

- Sleeve
- Grip ring
- O-ring
- Push-back ring

The new components have to be assembled in the following order:

- Push-back ring
- O-ring
- Grip ring
- Sleeve

Tighten the sleeve by hand, and thereafter use a pipe wrench to lock the position.
By reuse of Isiflo Sprint the blue sleeve, the grip ring, o-ring and the push-back ring must be replaced.