Isiflo Brass


Isiflo coupling system for plastic pipes gives a tight and end-load resistant connection and can be used on:
· MDPE: BS6572 and BS6730
· Black poly: All classes, and BS3284
· Copper: Table X & Y
· Lead: BS602 and BS1085
· Galvanised steel: BS1387, BS3601 and BS3602 part 1 & 2. (only type 142)
· PVC: BS3505
· PEX: support insert has to be used

Support insert shall be used on thin-walled PE pipes (for example SDR 17,6, on geothermal heat pumps etc.)

Assembly instruction:
· Cut the pipe, deburr.
· Loosen the nut, do not dismantle
· Mark insert distance (P) and push the pipe to the stop
· Tighten the nut against the body.

A good seal is only obtained when the pipe is pushed past the O-ring, up to the pipe stop and the nut is tightend against the body.
When using Isiflo coupling on cupper or steel pipes, shall the pipe always be installed with a clearance of approx. 3 mm from the internal stop.

Old nut
Insert distance before tightening:
Dimension (Ø)             _____
20 mm                        33 mm
25 mm                        36 mm
32 mm                        37 mm
40 mm                        51 mm
50 mm                        54 mm
63 mm                        56 mm

New nut (40, 50 and 63mm)
Insert distance before tightening:

Dimension (Ø)             ______
40 mm                        54 mm
50 mm                        57 mm
63 mm                        66 mm

· 16 mm to 63 mm: Dezincification resistant brass
· 75 to 180 mm: Ductile iron Epoxy coated
· O-rings: NBR
· Bolts: A4 high grade stainless steel 

Area of applications
· Cold water/potable water up to 40°C
· Gas (with supporting insert type 180)

Working pressure:
· Water - up to 16 bar
· Gas - up to 10 bar (with supporting insert type 180)
· Air up to 10 bar

Approvals UK:

The fittings are WRAS listed for use without support insert for above and below ground applications (50 and 63 mm is approved with liner).
Other approvals: DVGW, KIWA, WRC,GASTEC, ETA, SITAC, ISO 9001.

· Endure diesel oil and petrol
· Contact manufacturer for any questions




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