History about Isiflo

In 1969, engineer and inventor Arvid Helland appealed to the RA if it wasn't interested in buying his patent laws on his self-developed joint assembly for plastic pipes.

The point joint held the trademark ISIFLO and the patent was in 16 countries either already registered or pending. Before that, Press- Støp of Larvik had the product licensed for production and sale in Scandinavia of ISIFLO brass couplings since 1965. For aluminium couplings in dimensions from 75mm up to 160mm, the holder of the licence was Vendex A/S Ørje. 



Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker bought the rights to the ISIFLO brass coupling
1971: Raufoss Metall GmbH in Germany established
1984: ISIFLO SAS in France established
1999: Raufoss Couplings UK ltd established
1999: Raufoss VA AB, Sweden established
2000: Raufoss Water & Gas AS established
Raufoss Water & Gas AS joined Aalberts Industries NV
ISIFLO Flexi Adapter
2011: ISIFLO Iberica in Spain established

More than 130 Million ISIFLO couplings has been sold in Europe since 1971. Today we are represented in 22 countries.