Flexi Coupling

Technical information:
ISIFLO Flexi Coupling is developed and produced in Norway.

One fittings for all kind of pipes:
ISIFLO Flexi Coupling is a flexible repair fitting ensuring a tight and firm end-load resistant conncection, and can be used on all kind of pipes.

•  Plastic and metals etc.  

Body: Composite, glass reinforced PA
Compression cartridge: POM
O-Ring: EPDM

The material is environmentally friendly, and 100% corrosion resistant.

Area of applications:  
•  Cold water -0-40°C

Working pressure:
•  Water - up to 16 bar

Test and approvals:
Isiflo Flexi Coupling is tested in accordance with DIN 8076 / ISO 3458; ISO 3459, ISO 3501 og ISO 3503.
Isiflo Flexi Coupling is approved for seawater.


2015 ISIFLO Product catalogue - all products


RWG nr.DimensionDescription
822000420-27x3/4"Coupling 20-27x3/4"Isiflo
822000520-27x1"Coupling 20-27x1" Isiflo
822000727-35x1"Coupling 27-35x1" Isiflo